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Surfing and Emotional Intelligence is a concept that was created to involve Surfing and personal development. COACHING YOUNG MINDS SCHOOL by Joana Rocha, believes that the experience of surfing shows us how we can gain confidence, how important it is to be motivated to practice the sport and be better every time we enter the water and how we can deal with the frustration of not doing what we want when we want. Surfing is the perfect example of what we need to work on in our lives!

COACHING YOUNG MINDS SCHOOL also believes that the work developed to increase self-esteem and self-confidence, makes young people more authentic, complete and better prepared to face their future.

Greater self-esteem and self-confidence increase young people's awareness for what they really want. This type of work helps young people to relate to themselves and to other people in a more humane way, bringing a healthier environment for the whole family, society and a more truthful world.

Surf e Inteligência Emocional é um conceito que foi criado para envolver Surf e desenvolvimento pessoal. COACHING YOUNG MINDS SCHOOL by Joana Rocha, acredita que a experiência do surf nos mostra como podemos ganhar confiança, quão importante é estar motivado para se praticar a modalidade e ser melhor cada vez que entramos na água e como podemos lidar com a frustração de não fazer o que queremos quando queremos. O surf é o exemplo perfeito do que precisamos trabalhar nas nossas vidas!

COACHING YOUNG MINDS SCHOOL acredita também que o trabalho desenvolvido para aumentar a auto-estima e a auto-confiança, torna os jovens seres mais autênticos, completos e mais bem preparados para enfrentarem o seu futuro. 


Uma maior auto-estima e auto-confiança, torna os jovens mais conscientes do que realmente querem. Este tipo de trabalho, ajuda os jovens a relacionarem-se com eles próprios e com outras pessoas de uma forma mais humana, trazendo um ambiente mais saudável para toda a família, sociedade e para um mundo mais verdadeiro.

There is no limit for learning, no matter how good you are, there is always room for improvement, you can always get better. The better you become the more enriching your life will be. Invest in who you love the most.




Surf Coaching Program

Amazing training to get surfing into the next level. Professional support on Surfing Coaching



Give your kid the opportunity to gain confidence to be authentic to live life with passion.



Having a stronger mindset will help teens to be prepared to the future and to enjoy life in the most positive way.



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Italo Mesinas's Mother 

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Cascais, Portugal

A dream written with date becomes a goal
A goal detailed in steps becomes a plan
A plan supported by action becomes REALITY



Throughout my adolescence I dreamed of being a professional surfer, living only from surfing. When I told my dream to someone they said it was impossible, as there were no professional female surfers at the time thought it was just a dream. But there are two kinds of people in the world, those who do not fight for their dreams and those who do everything for a dream. I'm part of the second half of kind of people, I just stopped fighting when I saw my dream coming true!

So, this is my story, I was the first professional female surfer in Portugal to live just from surfing! Do not think that I did not study because it is not true! During my competitive career I studied Mechanical Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico, ufff! It was very, very difficult but when there are priorities, and when we really want something, we have to devote ourselves regardless of the difficulty.

Now that I look back, I see the luck I have had ... Luck not! There was a lot of effort, dedication and planning to achieve my dream.

When I stopped competing, I created my business, of course, connected to surfing! The "Chill In Ericeira Surfhouse" is a hotel for surfers, where our guests do not only get overnight stays and surf lessons, but a magical experience during that week. They always leave us with a smile in their faces and the best experience of their lives. A business that has been a success!

Then a new challenge happened in my life, I've become a mother of twins!!! Maria do Mar and Benjamin teach me every day to be a better person. 


Now I have a new dream! Coaching Young Minds School is a project that was born from the desire to inspire young people to a new way of being in life, to live passionate about what they do with freedom and authenticity. Young people have the right to choose their path, their dream, to have the possibility to live in love with what they do. 


Biggest Achievements

- Top 36 World Qualifying Series WQS 2011

-19th World Qualifying Series WQS - Azores 2011

- Top 45 World Qualifying Series WQS 2010

- National Surfing Champion 2009

-5th World Qualifying Series WQS - Peru 2009

- 5th Europe Region World Qualifying Series 2009


- 6x Representing Portugal on the National Team - 2003 (Canary Islands), 2005 (Portugal), 2006 (EUA), 2007 (France), 2008 (Portugal), 2009 (New Jersey)

- 16th on ISA World Surfing Games 2008

- 3rd Eurosurf Championships 2007

- 2x European Champions 2005 (Portugal) and 2007 (France)

- 3x National Championship Runner Up 2004, 2005 and 2006

- 2x Junior National Champion 1998 and 1999

- Surfing Female World Events Organiser - from 1999 to 2012, more than 2000 girls were trained to be successful surfers


- Awareness Facilitator Training, Working With Satya,  2019 to 2021


- TeenCoaching, Instituto de Crescimento InfantoJuvenil, 2020

- Surfing Coach Level II, Lusófona, 2019/2020

- Sports Mental Coaching, Coaching Desportivo, 2019

- Life Coaching, World Coaching Organization, 2018

- Surfing Coach Level I, Lusófona, 2016/2017

- Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Instituto Superior Técnico, 2010


- Surfing and Emotional Intelligence Programs for KIDS and TEENS, since 2020

- Teens Facilitator, Individual Sessions (Presencial and Online), since 2019

- Surfing and Life Coaching Camps for Teens, since 2019

- Life Coach, Individual Sessions (Presencial and Online) since 2018

- Chill In Ericeira Surfhouse and Surf School owner since 2013

- Personal Development Work since 2010

- Motivational Speaker at Schools since 2009 (Portugal, Brasil and Indonesia)

- Surfing World Events Organiser - from 1999 to 2012, more than 2000 girls were trained to be successful surfers


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