Coaching for Surfers

Surf Coaching

As a Coach I’m dedicating my work to help surfers to develop a strong mindset and go through any challenge of their surf level.

Depending of the Surf Coaching Program, you can choose to work individually, with a group of friends or in a camp (with new friends).

What do we offer

- SURF COACHING: Surf sessions at the beach with direct feedback to improve your surfing level. Normally small changes make big differences! 

The surf session is filmed and right on the beach you receive tips to take your surf to the next level.

It will help you to gain confidence and stay focus on your maximum potencial.

- Video AnalysingBy analysing your surf video we will find small details that will make a difference for you to get to the next level.

What DO we work

- Strong Mindset

- Improve surfing

- Be Self-Confident

- Steps to be successful 

- Be enthusiastic with your goals

- Be healthy


This program is a training-learning process, which involves the people’s awakening of talents and resources to maximize your personal performance, as well as eliminating internal obstacles by establishing an action plan. 

Do you want to take your surfing and life to the next level? 


Gino, Switzerland

Pascal, Switzerland

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