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After being a mother, I started to read more about education, I became more curious about human behaviour and ended up taking the path of personal development. I started studying with my sister, as a mentor and teacher, at Awareness Facilitator Training School and right now my focus is to inspire young people to be authentic human beings to live their dreams during their life and help parents to have a stronger connection with their children.

The surrounding environment is a very strong condition for young people. They need a pillar, a structure that helps them to walk in to the right direction. It was in an informal conversation with a surfer's father, who I met on the beach, that I realised the power of this exercise that I bring you in this article. I cannot tell you details about the conversation, because it is confidential, but the exercise, this can and should be spoken.

Do you wash your teeth at least once a day? This simple act of washing your teeth every day is for each of us one of the most important actions for the health of our teeth. How is it that such an insignificant act, which takes so little time, is so important?

Washing our teeth is an act that was taught to us at such a young age that it became an integral part of our day-to-day lives that we no longer even think we do it!

The exercise that I bring you today, is “similar”, is called EMPOWERMENT.

It must be done every day, at least once a day, it takes even less time than washing your teeth and the impact is similarly important, but in another area of ​​our being, SELF-CONFIDENCE.

What have you heard your parents say about you all your life? This question is for all ages, from the youngest to the oldest. Good or bad things about you? Have you made the list? This exercise aims to increase the self-confidence of your child or your trainee, it is aimed at parents and coaches who want to relate consciously with their children or their athletes. For this exercise to work, you have to do it for at least 6 months - do it whenever you remember, I would say ... for the rest of your life.

Imagine you have a child, no matter what age. Every day for years you say to him, “good son, you get it”, “good son, gooooo”, “good son, continue”, “good son, you have so much willpower”, words of encouragement, of confidence for him to go trying and never giving up. Words of encouragement: - It was difficult but you did it! - It was worth the effort! - Can I hear your opinion? - Your question is very interesting! - I know I can trust you! - It is not bad to make mistakes, on the contrary, it is good because it teaches how to improve. - I like your company. - I admire the person you're becoming. What do you think will happen? Your child will be a confident person, willing to make things happen and does not give up because he knows that there is always someone who will support him. he will probably have high self-confidence, which will help him gain skills and overcome difficulties more easily than anyone else.

Now imagine the opposite. Every day for years, you say to him, "You never do anything right", "You are an idiot", " You're not going anywhere", "You don't even know how to express yourself", words of disincentive and lack of interest. What do you think will happen? Your child will probably be a person with low self-confidence. You will find it difficult to go ahead with the projects he want and relate to people.


For your child:

- Increased self-confidence

- Ability to overcome difficulties

- Ability to accept a compliment

- Increased resilience

- Increased creativity

- A more stable and healthy emotional life

For you as a parent or coach:

- Become a trusted agent

- You will feel happy for your child or your athlete

- You will start to see life in a more positive way

Here are the rules of the exercise, take the test:

For 6 months, every day, at least once a day, use 5 seconds of your time and say something positive to your child or athlete. These 5 seconds of your day will make a difference in their life. Sometimes the simplest things have the most impact. Attention, what you say must be sincere. If you feel like you can't find anything to support your child, ask yourself why, maybe there is a problem on your side in being able to find positive qualities in you and in the world around you. In fact, we all have positive qualities. Your trainee certainly has too.

You can start today and see the results. Do not give up even if your trainee does not believe in you the first or tenth time, he may need a constant and strong reinforcement for some time.


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