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Working in individual sessions is to motivate the young people to be more focus, organised and disciplined to achieve their goals, always being themselves.

This work helps them to go through any challenge of their life. Many teenagers are shy, or have bad grades, or want to lose weight, or don't have self confidence, with this online Life Changer Sessions they will learn how can to overcome their obstacles. They will achieve faster their goals and It will help them in their daily life with the ones they love most.

Ex: If you have trouble in making friends, Life Changer Sessions can help you to have a good social skills. 

Ex: If you are a student this work helps you to be more organised with your studies and get better grades. Life Changer Sessions can help you to go to the university that you always dreamed about.


Ex: If you are a teenager and don't know what you want in life this work helps you to find your path and your passion. Life Changer Sessions can help you to find your biggest dream.


Each session has the duration of 45 minutes. 

It's really importante to work emotions. Young people need to know themselves first to feel comfortable about what they are. With this kind of work they are going to increase their self-esteem and self-confidence.

What DO we work

- Be Self-Confident

- Be Organised

- Be Motivated

- Be responsible

- Get more focus

- Find passion in life

- Improve Social Skills

- Steps to be successful 

- Be enthusiastic with school and career

- Be competent with money

- Be health


Through exercises of awareness facilitator training and teen coaching growth method,  teenagers will develop their skills, discover their professional talents to overcome their personal obstacles  to be successful.


Luz Fonseca

Lisbon, Portugal

Francisco Teotónio's Mother

Cascais, Portugal

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